Riad stars in Paris Première TV show

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Riad has recently been invited to be a part of a popular French television weekly show known for its taste and advice in interior design, called “Intérieurs”, on the cable French TV channel “Paris Première” where — since 13 October 2012 — he has his own rubric: see the 13 October broadcast, and the 24 November one.

The goal is to give Riad’s expertise and a few tips to people who wish to learn more about decoration, so that they can learn how to buy and search themselves for what they are looking for, in the vibrancy of antique markets such as Paris’ famous Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen.

Intérieurs is a French TV show specialized in interior design and decoration. As a major program of the channel Paris Première since 2000, it is well known for its large following, and for the advice given by professionals, for good places to buy furniture/decoration, focus on trends, and for glances into interiors of the homes of nicely inspired people.

Riad was first invited to participate on this TV show because of his reputation and his professional activity, which makes him, among other responsibilities, an expert buying adviser at the Puces — the world’s largest antique market.

Indeed, Riad has experienced the market for years as both an art dealer and a professional buyer.

Because of his manner, knowledge and indeed his efficiency, the reviews and feedback have been excellent since the very first broadcast, from TV channel professionals, the Puces traders, and from antiques lovers.

Riad has about a 6 minute slot in the program’s weekly 25 minutes. His part is called “Lecon de chine”, or “Lesson of antique hunting”. It is in many ways similar to a treasure hunting challenge, combined with his expertise: Riad is actually given a budget and, only once he has already arrived at the shooting, he is told the nature of a desired piece of furniture. From that point, Riad takes a walk in the market until he is satisfied with what he has found. Riad has since found a beautiful mirror from the Louis-Philippe period (1830-1848) and an industrial chair designed by the famous brand Tolix.

Riad’s issue is to search vintage or antique furniture with a new eye, so that once restored it will become unique: it will keep the natural charm of the antique with an added tip of modernity. Riad, throughout the ongoing programs, will try to educate the eye of the public, sharpen the way they see things and show what different possibilities one piece of furniture can offer. Furthermore, he will provide an overview of famous designers and inescapable models of furniture.

In consequence of the enthusiastic public response, Paris Première has offered to extend the shows from 6 to 15 sessions, until summer 2013.