Customer Feedback


March 2018

Riad,  All is well, received second box today.  Thank you again for your courtesy and professionalism throughout this whole process.  If you ever need anyone to sing your praises, I will be first in line.
Alison B. (Houston)

February 2018

Had a moment and wanted to thank you again for providing a great Paris experience, you were a true pleasure.   Please keep me in mind if you find a wonderful antique box, have many from around the world and always adding to the growing collection. 
Always the Best

Rusty H. (Texas)

October 2017

Hello Riad,
We have opened all the boxes and everything in the crate was in perfect shape! We were so excited! Thank you for all your coordination and assistance! We now have treasures to remember our fabulous visit to Paris!
Thank you, thank you!!
We are especially looking forward to trying the wines…what a TREAT!
Until next time!
Stacey & Pearson (USA)

 September 2017

Hi Riad,

All the best and look forward to seeing the pieces again and installed at the new home. When we have our celebration party for moving in we would like for you to attend if it fits your schedule. Maybe I could find another 60k just laying around and get those gorgeous mirrors we loved so much to be shipped in time to arrive for the party and give that to Lisa as a gift for all the blood, sweat, & tears she poured into making this house our dream house and where there will be lots of great memories taking place.
Merci beaucoup! Talk soon,

Lisa & Scott (USA)

August 2017

Bonjour Riad,

Thank you Riad.  I really enjoyed your company and service.  Top notch.
Zac Brown

July 2017

Bonjour Riad,

Firstly, thank you so much for arranging such a wonderful few days! We all loved our trip and it was hugely successful in terms of all the pieces we found.

Do send me over the invoices and shipping costs when you need. We don’t require any of the items urgently at all (they are not moving into the house until November so we will only have to store the items until then).

Lastly, could you send me some of the garden furniture suppliers we discussed (like the furniture in the courtyard at La Reserve)?

Thank you Riad and talk to you soon,

Louise (London)

May 2017

Hi Riad,
Thanks for reaching out. Yes, we’d like to use your expertise for our group on Saturday, May 30. Please let me know next steps.

Pauline Lord
NBC Universal

January 2017

I have been meaning to write you since we got home about a week ago but between the jet lag, getting back to work and catching up, etc I have not gotten to it till now. Originally I just wanted to write and thank you so much for meeting with us to have lunch with Stacy and I, as well as all my kids all while our short stop in Paris. We all loved it, especially eating at your local hang out, eating great food (best foie gras ever!) and just spending time with you!
Anyways, just wanted to both thank you and tell you we were thinking of you!

Alberto (L.A.)



Thanks for a wonderful day. It was a pleasure to be with you.
As it turns out, Penny had cut out the Travel and Leisure article which we found last month in our hotel room in New York! When I got back to the hotel, there you were!
Set forth below is my contact information. We will want everything shipped to my office.
We look forward to receiving all of the pictures.
Finally, we are very serious about hosting you  in Detroit ( aka Motown).  It would be a very good time.
All the best.

Larry (Detroit)

Dear Riad,

Thanks for a wonderful morning.  We really enjoyed it and you quickly discerned our tastes and interests.  We are very happy with our purchases, despite the fact that we had no real intention of buying anything.  I’m sure we will be very happy with everything, even the chicken, which is possibly the most unique item of them all.
Jay and Anne McInerney (NYC)

April 2016

Thank you for returning my call.  We would very much like to have you pick us up and be our guide on Saturday with the Antiques, Vintage and Design Markets.  I am sending photos of things we saw in Atlanta that we liked.  We are looking for furniture (especially two desks), artwork, mirrors, end tables, benches… We are in Paris to shop for antiques for the house as well as to see sights and enjoy the city. Again, Merci!
We look forward to meeting you and spending the day on Saturday.

Elizabeth S. (USA)

March 2016

That would be great!!!  I decided that I would like to buy the bisquit
of the fontain as well as the pair of bisquit with the blue Sevres bases.
We have had a wonderful day and a fabulous meal at “Ma Cocotte”!!!
Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you soon,
Elizabeth C. (USA)

February 2016

Dear Riad,

It was great meeting you! My mother and cannot thank you enough for your expertise, help and guidance this weekend!

I believe that this is the beginning of what is going to be a long and fruitful relationship for us.
In regards to the apartment, please use the address in Paris.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
All the best,

Yassin (Paris & Jordania)


July 2015

Bonjour Riad!
Thank you again for the trip through the design and Vintage markets yesterday, we had an excellent time and you were a wonderful guide.
Mickael and Kate (New Jersey)

June 2015

Dear Riad,
It was so much fun!! Thanks for being patient with us, as we pondered every purchase. We loved meeting you, and we look forward to seeing you and your family in NY this summer.
Susan (NYC)

Hi Riad,
We had such a wonderful time with you yesterday.  Thank you so very much!!! I am thinking that I would like to purchase the Chanel bag.

Thank you so much for the time you spent with us; The Marché aux Puces of Saint Ouen was my favourite part of our time in Paris, and had a much better selection of vintage than the stores we had been recommended in Montmartre and the Marais. I am really pleased to have discovered a treasure that I can pass on to others. And we would have been totally lost without your expertise in such a vast place.
Check out Margaret’s blog.


Al Roker at the Marche aux Puces of St Ouen
Al Roker and Deborah Roberts

I recently had the honor of accompanying the lovely Al Roker and Deborah Roberts to the Marché aux Puces of St Ouen de Paris. We had a great time making our way through the market together.


Getting ready for our next trip!  We are stopping over in Paris for the weekend. I worked with Indagare and found and booked a “Flea Market Expert” named Riad!  He gets an idea of what we are looking for and takes us to the proper markets.  He also creates a file of all the items that we found/bought and helps us to ship them back to the states.  I am currently busy measuring all the spaces in the house where we need pieces and hoping to find some of the French industrial steel pieces!
We had a great first day in Paris … croissants, cafes and fromage!  Our second day was one of the highlights though.  We had the pleasure of navigating the flea markets with our expert, Riad Kneife.  He truly knows the flea markets in and out!  We found loads of beautiful furniture and some really great vintage jewelry.

Check out Heidi’s blog.


Whether you are looking to furnish an entire home or want a special vintage fashion find, Riad is your man.  My favorite moment was probably eating a delicious lunch after our market tour and viewing all of our finds on Riad’s iPad from the photos he took.

Check out Melani’s blog.

A great shopping day with Greg Grunberg (Alias, Heroes)


Dear Riad,

I’m back in freezing cold Pittsburgh and writing to thank you for that fabulous lunch on Friday. This restaurant was an amazing find and I’m still remembering every detail of our excellent meal. But more importantly, was the opportunity to get to know you and enjoy your company.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with us and introduce us in a small way to “your” antique markets in Paris.

And we loved our buying trip through the amazing flea markets with you on Saturday and sunday– it was great for Ellison and I to see this “magnetic” attraction and you obviously have it all “wired.” I think now that I have a better understanding of the many facets of your excellent service.

It is a pleasure to meet with genuinely nice people, and I feel blessed by your friendship! Thank you again for your time and a delicious lunch

Kind regards,


Dear Riad,

It was a lovely day, thank you. We all enjoyed ourselves and you were very helpful and professional.

Please send the four Lalique pieces to the following address in Los Angeles.

I will be in touch with you before our next trip to Paris.

All the best and thank you again.


Bonjour Riad!
The crate arrived today. We unwrapped the Delft piece and the small table. Both were in perfect shape. … Thank you for your help. I really appreciate everything you did for us.



Bonjour Riad!

I want to thank you for a fabulous day on Saturday. … Nancy and I are both thrilled with all the items we found and greatly appreciate your help. I asked her to e-mail you yesterday to confirm that she wants the buffet. I know we will want some more items as well. We plan to meet today to look at the photos and decide on the additional items. …

Thank you so much,



Attached please find the contact information for Riad Kneife, who as I told you, could be very useful source for future clients of yours when in Paris. As I also mentioned, Riad definitely provided us with one of the highlights of our trip, and by far one of the best experiences we have had in our many visits to Paris.

My best,


I want to thank you for making our experience so wonderful. You truly made our trip fantastic!